Join us at the Urban Energy & Mobility Forum 2022 on April 1

Considering the growing numbers of city residents, changing transportation habits, and the pressuring need to cut congestion and emissions, urban areas are transforming their mobility patterns. On April 1 we will discuss these topics with speakers from ONOMOTION, Avorcargo, Ducktrain, Swobbee, Uber as well as Jennifer Dungs from EIT InnoEnergy, Prof. Barbara Lenz from the DLR, Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie from WZB and many others.

The Urban Energy & Mobility Forum consists of 4 main sessions covering the following topics:

  • “Future proof city concepts”
  • “Mobility Platforms and Frameworks”
  • “Travel around urban spaces”
  • “Last Mile Delivery”

Join us and engage in interesting discussions with founders, experts, entrepreneurs, scientists, and policy stakeholders from around the world. In addition to profound presentations, challenging discussion panels, and inspiring keynotes, you can expect in-depth insight into the challenges and solution approaches of the future of urban mobility.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on April 1!

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