Task Force: Start Up Energy

Start-ups are the guarantor for new ideas and innovative power in the field of renewable energies. However, despite good and sustainable business ideas, numerous start-ups fail because the appropriate linkage to established companies and thus practical access to important experience and networks is missing. The Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network has founded the Task Force Start-up Energy to close this gap.
With our Start-up Energy Task Force, launched in spring 2014, we discuss current developments and trends in the start-up scene and promote collaboration between start-ups and established companies whose focus is on renewable energy. In doing so, start-ups benefit from the extensive knowledge and international networks of our BEN members, who in turn receive important innovation impulses from young companies.


Carlotta Krone-Danhier
Project Assistance Urban Innovation


Urban Innovation

Urban Innovation is an initiative of the Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. and is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Operations and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The main goal is to bring together Berlin companies and start-ups with urban decision-makers, investors, and sales and business partners from New York, London, Singapore, and Beijing.

Task Force Meetings

The Task Force meetings each have a specific thematic focus, to which we regularly invite guest speakers. The meetings offer our start-ups and established companies as well as invited guests the opportunity to network and exchange experiences at eye level, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Press and public relations

Cost-effective service packages for start-ups in the areas of press and public relations, marketing, pitch training, the dissemination of current projects and news in social media campaigns via LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as the publication of press releases (e-mail to info@bbenergynetwork.de)

Visiting incubators and accelerators

Abroad visit and contact brokerage for the green economy sectors.
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