“Energy freedom for the home”
ZOLAR makes it as easy as possible for private homeowners to get started with their own energy supply: with the ZOLAR Online Configurator, homeowners can playfully plan a complete solar system that incorporates both the conditions on site and their own power consumption into the automatic system planning.

Based on this, the configurator recommends further components such as energy storage, heating rod or electric charging column, whose installation optimally complements the use of the photovoltaic system.

The heart of the system is the optimization algorithm, which only suggests compatible products and their optimal combination to the user from a large number of components and brands. The entire planning process is handled online and, with just a few clicks, the homeowner receives a complete system configuration, which is then installed on site by ZOLAR.

ZOLAR’s vision is to install a solar system on every home in Europe to drive self-sufficiency for clean electricity, heat and mobility. A future where every household can generate, store and consume all the energy they need themselves. A future in which solar energy makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Managing Director: Alex Melzer

Year of foundation: 2016

Contact details
Oranienstrasse 185
10999 Berlin


Alex Melzer
Fon: 08002300600


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