X-Wind Powerplants UG

NTS X-Wind Power Plant

High altitude wind energy systems are the most promising source of renewable energy and more cost-effective than conventional fossil fuel systems with the aim to achieve more sustainable forms of energy production. The NTS energy concept is pursued by combining fully developed new technologies to a highly profitable and unique engineering development. By merging automatically steered kites, grounded rail systems and/or cable car technology, NTS has built a High Altitude Wind Energy System contributing to tackling the global problem of CO2 emissions by focussing on cost-efficiency, energy density and availability.

NTS-„X-Wind/Cross Wind“-Technology

NTS has developed a patented High Wind Energy System to harness increasingly stable and constant wind currents at altitudes between 200 to 500 m. Confirmed technical report readings and measurements show that NTS X-Wind Systems triple the efficiency of conventional energy systems according to energy production. Within an NTS system, automatically steered high altitude kites drag energy generating grounded vehicles along a closed rail system. Each grounded vehicle transmits a utilizable production capacity of up to 1.1 MW to generators on board or via cable car technology nearby. Herewith a capacity of 5 GWh per year and Kite can be generated.

Managing Director: Uwe Ahrens Contact details X-Wind Powerplants UG Schillerstr. 15 10625 Berlin www.x-wind.de Contact person Fon: + 49 (0)172 7266233 uwe.ahrens@x-wind.de
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