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tetraeder.solar gmbh is an innovative company that focuses on the development and commercialization of new technologies for the collection and forecasting of renewable energy potentials. Tetraeder has an interdisciplinary team of urban, regional and environmental planners and computer scientists who are specialized in the processing and visualization of large data amounts and the development of appropriate analytic and forecasting algorithms.

As an innovative company we develop our own software and expand our products continuously. In addition to the solar potential cadastre as the current core product, we also offer green roof potential cadastres and the simulation solar radiation of facades on a city level. The current focus is being extended in research and development of projects in the field of energy grids and electricity storage (optimization of own consumption).

We are currently in Germany (www.solare-stadt.de/), the Netherlands (www.zonatlas.nl/) and Denmark (www.solaratlas.dk/) active. We have done pilot project in France, Poland and the UK. In addition to publishing information about the solar potential on roof tops and facades our products create awareness and leads for our customers (eg. www.mein-sonnendach.de/nettetal/ or www.essent.nl/zonnepanelencheck) serve.

Managing Director: Dr.-Ing. Stephan Wilforth

Year of foundation: 2009

Employees: 5,5

Contact details
tetraeder.solar GmbH
Wißstraße 18
44137 Dortmund


Alexander F. Romahn
Fon: +49 (0)172 3102896
Fax: +49 (0)231 189 17 18


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