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Enapter is a rapidly growing company based in Pisa, Italy with offices in Germany, Thailand and Russia. The company develops and manufactures the patented anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysers for hydrogen production from water and electrical energy. Hydrogen is considered the most important element to replace hydrocarbons such as gas, oil, coal and all fossil fuels. Green Hydrogen is made with electricity from renewable energy source; it is the base substance to make any carbon free fuel and gas, but can also be used to generate electricity. Hydrogen is an energy carrier useable to satisfy heating or cooling needs, mobility in the transport sector, or to provide feedstock in industry. Enapter is on a rapid growth path, aiming to mass produce the electrolysers. A mass produced AEM electrolyser will become a commodity and compete with fossil fuels purely on price.

Enapter produces electrolysers designed to be easily arranged in cabinets or any other standardized enclosure allowing for flexible and modular deployment for any size system. The aim is to convert excess energy produced by renewable sources, such as solar panels, to hydrogen by using the excess energy to power Enapter electrolysers. This decentralised means of energy production and storage has been used and proven to work in a variety of applications ranging from powering telecommunication masts, industrial applications, refueling stations to seasonal energy storage for a mountain retreat.

AEM electrolysers are preferred over conventional alkaline electrolysis as the required electrolyte is far less caustic, and the membrane electrode assembly allows flexible operation similar to a proton exchange membrane (PEM) system. The advantage of AEM over PEM systems is the ability for AEM systems to utilise non-platinum group metal catalysts, a serious concern when considering the sustainability of the technology, and other low-cost stack materials. AEM electrolysers provide a sustainable manner for producing green hydrogen.

To make distributed networks work, secure and reliable interconnection is everything. We aim to spur technological breakthrough in new energy hardware by developing ground-breaking software and are developing our Energy Management System (EMS) in St-Petersburg. Enapter customers are able to monitor both real time and historic data for each of their modular electrolysers via an app, web dashboard, or other interface. The EMS is designed as a tool to help system integrators simplify the integration and deployment of modular hydrogen energy systems, and it features a communication gateway to translate and combine various industrial communication protocols. Real time monitoring enables pre-emptive maintenance and allows for owners/operators to be alerted should parameters deviate from what would normally be expected.

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CEO: Sebastian-Justus Schmidt

Year founded: 2018

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