EcoWert360° GmbH

Full supply through renewable energies EcoWert360° GmbH is a consulting company with its headquarters in Flensburg. The goal of EcoWert360° is to jointly develop concepts for regions, municipalities and properties for full supply through renewable energies and to accompany their implementation. ALTEC ENERGIE Project Company and ELK-Erneuerbar GmbH have joined forces as former ARGE partners to drive forward the energy turnaround in Germany with ECO Wert 360°. The area of legal advice continues to be covered by a cooperation with the law firm Streich & Kollegen. The conversion of a region or municipality to a full supply of renewable energy - in fact and not purely on balance sheet - requires a holistic view and illumination of all regulatory, technical and business aspects, which varies depending on the project, supply situation, structure of the players, infrastructure and geographical location. By combining the core competencies within EcoWert360°, all legally, technically, politically, economically, organizationally and socio-politically relevant experiences are united.

CEO: Lukas Schmeling Year established: 2019 References: Quarteriskonzept Dörpum, Quartierskonzept Bordelum, new development area Dammbrück. Contact details EcoValue360° GmbH Lise-Meitner-Strasse 1 D-24941 Flensburg Contact person: Jörgen Klammer Fon: +49 (0)176 - 8497 2775
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