Electromobility in Berlin and Brandenburg: Eight million euros for the future of the automotive industry

The capital region has been awarded a contract: In order to make the automotive industry and its employees fit for the future, Berlin and Brandenburg will receive around eight million euros in funding from the federal government. This money is part of the 200 million euro package from the Federal Ministry of Economics to create so-called regional transformation networks (ReTraNetz) to advance the mobility transformation as well as the associated new demands on the automotive industry.

Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director of Wirtschaftsförderung Berlin Partner: “The future of mobility and thus also the future of the automotive industry is being shaped in the capital region. With this new funding project, Berlin Partner Economic Development can once again play to its great strength: networks. We can now create structures in which all the bright minds – in science and business, in startups and established companies – work on the issues of the mobility revolution and provide targeted support for regional companies in the automotive and supplier industries. With its unique and diverse ecosystem, the capital region is the ideal place. Berlin thus underscores its claim to be the future capital of the Republic of Ideas Germany.”

The arrival of Tesla has catapulted the region into the premier league of automotive locations. But even beyond that, the value chains are currently closing in Berlin-Brandenburg – from the lithium refinery to battery cell production and automotive assembly. The ReTraNetz project is about finding a new understanding of mobility, developing the existing automotive industry and jointly shaping structural change. Therefore, in addition to Berlin Partner for Business and Technology as coordinator, the transformation network also includes trade unions and employers’ associations, educational institutions and scientific institutions such as TU Berlin and Fraunhofer IPK. The goal is for all stakeholders to work together to find the best ideas and solutions, as well as to develop measures to help partners in the region implement them. In doing so, Berlin Partner leads the strategy development, communication and involvement of other partners as well as the scouting and evaluation of mobility concepts, technologies and services. In addition to its expertise in innovation management, the business development agency also contributes a global network.


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